Tools needed:
Some thin wire (jewelry wire works, make sure it's long enough so you can get a good grip on it when it's folded in half) or string (a shoestring works).
A chopstick or wooden pencil (you can also use a pen, but make sure it's made of soft plastic).

Parts! I might do a tutorial for unstringing later, but for now I think that's the really easy part... Just remember to take the feet off first! Also, I put my parts in seperate baskets to keep the right and left parts straight.

First, take the longer of the two elastic loops and double it over, keeping the knot at one end. Now you'll have two loops on either end. Hook both loops on the knotted side over the smaller hook of the S-hook, as shown.

Push the other ends through the neck hole.

Pull the strings so the S-hook is snug against the hole. Make sure the bigger hook is pointing forwards.

Hook the top of the S-hook through the hole on the underside of the headcap (for old bodies only.. if you have one of the new ones with the magnetic headcap, skip this step). Note that this may come loose, and that it can be difficult to put the headcap on once the legs are strung.

Push the strings down through the neck of the upper torso.

Seperate out both halves of your string.

Fold your piece of wire (or string) in half and hook it over the elastic as shown.

Insert the wire into the lower torso and out through one leg hole.

Use the wire to pull the elastic through. and repeat on the other side. You can see mine aren't exactly even in this picture, but you want to try to make them even.

Take one upper leg part and use your wire to pull the elastic through it. I started with the left leg.

Now, on the lower leg parts (and also the arms) you can look inside the rims and see little dots in the resin. These tell you which is right and which is left. Two dots means left, one means right. The upper leg does not have these dots, but you should be able to tell which is which by the direction the ball is facing. They are NOT interchangable.

Hook your wire around the elastic again and insert into the lower leg part.

Now you have to pull it tight. To prevent the elastic on the other side from getting pulled back up, I hold it with my foot, like so. Also, you can hold the leg between your toes on your other foot to keep it steady when you pull the elastic.

Before you pull it, put the ankle part on. These parts also have dots showing which side they go on. The dots should be facing forward, but if you get it on wrong just pull the elastic out and turn it around.

Pull the elastic out while holding the leg with your toes. You'll need your other hand to put the foot on.

Hook the foot on as shown. I'm holding it with the same hand as I'm holding the wire to take the photo, but I did hook it with the other hand. Now you can remove your pulling wire and the leg will go together. If the ankle doesn't rest on the foot right, just pull the foot out again and turn the ankle around.

Oops! I put the wrong upper leg on. :D;;; If you do this, I'm afraid you have to remove the whole leg and start over.

Now you've got one leg done! Repeat the process for the other side.

Hooray, your doll has gone from being a quadruple amputee to a double one! Now we'll do the arms.

Hook your trusty wire around one side of the arm elastic.

Insert it in the arm socket and out the other side.

Pull the elastic through. Getting the knot through can be a little difficult, FYI.

Now your doll has wings! D:

Hook the wire around the elastic on one side. I started with the right arm.

Again, I used one foot to hold the elastic on the other side so I don't accidentally pull it through.

Pull the elastic through the upper arm...

...then the lower arm. Sorry this picture is bad!

Now insert your chopstick (or pencil/pen) into the elastic loop to keep the elastic from going back into the arm while you attach the hand.

Keep pulling on the elastic and put the ends of the string on the hand through the loop.

Remove the wire and tie the hand on. DoD does some kind of crazy death knot on this, but I just do a bunch of square knots. You can really tie it however you want, as long as it's sturdy. I leave about half an inch of slack between the knot and the hand, but you can leave more or less... just note that if you leave too much your arms will be loose and if it's too little they'll be tight.

Remove the chopstick and push the ends of the string on the hand up inside the arm so they don't hang out.

Uh, oops! I put the wrong hand on! You can tell I was paying more attention to taking photos than what I was actually doing...

Put the other arm on the same way and you're done! :D

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