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Blame goes to D for getting me hooked on BJDs in the first place. She introduced me to them and pointed me at Dream of Doll. I originally wanted a girl, and I promptly fell madly in love with Tender Bee-A. After breifly toying with the idea of just getting a girl body and the Tender Bee-A head, I decided two is better than one and after many failed attempts at saving money I finally managed enough to get them both. They were ordered January 16, 2005 and arrived March 23, delivered by a terrifying, huge, Black man with facial scars (not kidding).

Fortunately or unfortnately, while I was in the process of gathering money to order the twins (I've always considered them siblings in my mind, despite DoD's own image of them), DoD released the four guardian boys and I fell in love again, with U. For a breif period, I was torn between the twins and him, but my desire to own a girl won out in the end and I got the twins first. I finally ordered U with money borrowed from my parents (who for some reason put up with me and my doll obsession) on May 15, 1005. He arrived on July 14, delivered by a woman who probably still to this day thinks I'm completely off my rocker.

The newest addition to my doll family, Llyr's little sister Branwen, was bought with money I was saving for something completely different. After my soul sista, Lichan, got her own girl I decided I needed a cute girl. Desperately. And I could find nothing cuter than CP's Ani, so I splurged. She was ordered on March 24, 2006, and arrived in a mere three weeks on April 14. Now I dote on her. ♥


Sheba and Eli's names actually come from my New World Dictionary-Concordance to the New American Bible. Jael is from the book of Judges (always a fun book) and is notable for having killed a Canaanite general by driving a tent peg through his temple and into the ground. I chose the name more because it looks pretty than its particular origin. Jacinth is merely another name for Hyacinth, which is an orange precious stone. Elisheba is the name of a woman mentioned in the book of Exodus, and Eliakim is from the book of Kings as both the name of a royal chamberlain and a prince of Judea. Llyr, on the other hand, is a Welsh name meaing "the sea." Branwen is also Welsh, meaning "raven."


Now me, I'm nothing special. As of now, a college student, majoring in anthropology. I don't really want an anthropology major, but it looks more interesting than most of what my school offers. I only need this degree so I can go on to graduate school, where I will be getting a masters in Library Science. You can tell I'm a geek because I aspire to be a librarian. 8D I work part time in my local library (already got a foot in the door) as a page, which is kind of a dumb title for a shelver. Most of my income goes towards my dolls (naturally) with a tiny bit into savings and more than I'd like into car payments.
Other than my dolls, my hobbies involve reading, sitting on my ass, writing, and sitting on my ass while reading or writing. I'm also a bit of an otaku, but not enough that I'd rather spend money on anime crap than my dolls.

The Future

My current goal is to get four more dolls before I graduate because I'm going to be broke once I get to graduate school. Next up is a pair of Blue Fairy Tiny Fairy Tommy twins, then BF Olive, then BF Yoko. Order subject to change.