Welcome to Manifest, home of Sheba, Eli, Llyr, and Branwen. Please enjoy the site!


8.22.06 - New photoshoot of Branwen and Llyr. I actually did this a couple weeks ago and failed to put a link on the photo page or an update here. Someday I'll spend more time on this site. Someday.

7.1.06 - New photoshoot of Wen. I hope to get more pics taken and stuff this week.. and finally give Branwen a profile page. D:

4.15.06 - New photostory, introducing the newest member of my doll family, Branwen! :3
And a photoshoot featuring her as well! :DD

3.24.06 - Yaaay first photostory up! It's new! And enigmatic!

3.23.06 - I still need a photo for Llyr's info page and there's no content in the photos section quite yet, but I'm putting the site up anyhow before I forget about it again. I'll try to get photoshoots and stories posted ASAP, though newer ones will likely go up before older ones 'cause I don't like looking at my older ones much.

1.1.06 - Info page complete, profiles complete except Llyr's and Eli's need photos... I should probably go take photos.

12.30.05 - Layout made! Now for the content...