One Year

It's been a year already...
It feels like longer. I feel older than just a year. And Eli...

A year since we left home. A year since Father died.
Since Father was killed.

And I still don't know who did it, or why. But it couldn't have been an accident.
Mother... No... Eira. I wonder what she knows?

Why did she send Llyr here? How did she even know where to find us?
But to find out those things, I would have to ask her.

And how can I ask her? She's the one who abandoned us. Long before any of this happened.
But she might know how to help Eli.

To be honest, I don't mind him the way he is now. He's so happy... not that he wasn't, before, but...
I don't want him to be hurt. But no one should lose their memories, even if they are painful ones.

And besides... I'm here for him.

Can I make that choice? I see his old self resurface from time to time... does that mean he will heal on his own if I wait?
It's already been a year...

...but I think I'll wait just a little more.

This might not make so much sense now... but hopefully it will in time (if you're real impatient, you can bug me about it, but I can't promise I'll tell you the whole story!). I'm finally getting into my kids' real histories and current situation...

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