Eli: Llyr! Hey! Llyr!
Llyr: Zzzz*snrk* ?

Eli: How come you're always asleep?
Llyr: I dunno. How come you're always annoying?

Eli: Here. Some big bird left this for you.
Llyr: A bird...?

Llyr: ....that's her handwriting...

Llyr: ......

Llyr: Great.

??: Um.. Excuse me.. Is this where Llyr lives?
Eli: Yup!

Eli: Come on in! :D

Eli: He's upstairs!
??: Oh.. I see...

Llyr: she's coming to stay with us, apparently.
Sheba: Right.

??: Hello.

Llyr: Branwen...
Branwen: Llyr...

Both: What did you do to your hair!?

And so, Branwen has arrived. She's a CP Kid Delf Ani, and will have a profile page when I get around to it! If you don't already know, she's Llyr's younger sister. :D

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