Name: Jacinth Eliakim (ja-sinth ee-lee-ah-kim)
AKA: Eli (ee-lie)

Type: DoD Tender Too
Eyes: DoD 16mm acrylic (green)
Wig: Monique "Tara" in Auburn (formerlly DoD W-21)
Makeup: By DoD

Age: 16
Birthday: March 23


Color: White
Clothing: Shorts
Music: Doesn't care much
Person: Sheba


The younger twin, and Eli really doesn't act his age so he seems even younger than he is. While he can be mature if he has to be, he has a very childish outlook on life and likes to play. As a result, he's very naive and it's all his big sister can do to keep him out of trouble. His personality is much simpler than Sheba's. He's easily pleased and easily distracted. He's also nice to everyone, even people who are being mean to him. At times, thogh, he can be a trickster.

Sheba's the person he looks up to the most. He doesn't want to be like her (in his opinion, she doesn't have enough fun), but he respects and understands her more than anyone. He also relies on her strongly. He knows she's never serious when she's being mean to him (in fact, he usually ignores it completely).