Name: Llyr (Lear)

Type: DoD U
Eyes: 16mm gray glass
Wig: Modified default (the rattail's cut off)
Makeup: By DoD

Age: 16
Birthday: July 14


Color: Green
Clothing: Anything camo
Music: Rock and some hip-hop
Person: Sheba


Llyr is Eli and Sheba's distant cousin. He came to live with them because of problems at home. His personality is also simple, but much different than Eli's. He imagines himself as a casanova, and in fact he can be quite dashing. He's always nice to girls, but he puts too much effort into his own persona without realizing girls would probably like him more if he were less obvious. He really is a sweetie. Though he's tough when the situation calls for it and he's not as indiscriminately nice as Eli is, there's not a mean bone in his body. If he gets into a fight, it can be guaranteed he was not the one who started it... unless he's defending someone else, anyway.

To Eli, he acts as a big brother, though he is frequently bewildered by his cousin's childishness. Eli actually quite likes him, which is probably the only reason Sheba tolerates him at all. She would much rather see him gone, but she is starting to warm up to him a little. Because of where he came from, he reminds her of things she doesn't like to think about, so she is more hostile to him than she would be if he had come from somewhere else. He doesn't really understand that, though, and he's given up trying to get any information about her from Eli.