Name: Jael Elisheba (ja-el el-ih-shih-ba)
AKA: Sheba (shee-ba)

Type: DoD Tender Bee-A
Eyes: DoD 16mm acrylic (pale blue)
Wig: Leeke World L-018_M in #K16 (formerlly DoD W-34)
Makeup: By DoD

Age: 16
Birthday: March 23


Color: Red and black
Clothing: Red and black XD;
Music: Punk rock
Person: Eli


Sheba and Eli are twins, but Sheba was born first. She's a tough girl and a bit egotistical (she can't help it; she's clearly better than everyone else). Most of the time, she's pretty mean, but she has a soft spot for her brother. Not that she isn't mean to him... she's just the only one allowed to be mean to him as far as she's concerned. If anyone else tries it, they'll have her to reckon with.

Despite her bad attitude, she's not really as mean as she seems. She's usually nice to girls, though occasionally a bad first impression changes that. Besides her brother, though, she just hates boys.